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Friday, 01 March 2013 23:55

Village name

Khwaza Saray

Block Name


Sub Division


Gram Panchayat


Nagar Panchayat


Zila Parishad


Panchayat Samiti


Mukhiya name

Mr. Shailesh kr

Sarpanch Name

Mr. Umesh singh

No. of Tola & Names

02, Main tola Outer tola

No. of Ward & Names

01, To be confirmed.

Name of Ward & Panch members


Post Office

Khodai Bagh

Police Station


STD Code


PIN Code


Nearest Railway Station

Chhapra jn- 15km Mohamman patti- 3km (sub. Line)

Tourist Attraction

Name is enough.

Bank Details

union bank of india


Mini Gandak (Daha) 

Major Crops

Maze, Wheat, Pulse, Mustard.

No. of Schools & Name

03 Urdu primary school- 0km, Islamia high school cum inter college-1km, Y. K high school-1km 



Village Description

The name of my village is khwaza saray. It is a nano village. It is under the P.S. Khairah in the district of chapra(saran). Situation: My village Khwaza saray is situated near the post office of khodai bagh. There is a funtastic market-place just beside of it. The village consists of a most beatiful holy Mosque, i.e 'KHWAZA MASJID'. Population The population of this village is about five hundred. Fortunately, my village belongs to a good geopraphical area. So, the condition of the villagers is quite well-to-do. Festivals The people of my village celebrate a lot of festivals throughout the year. The main celebrations are Eid-ul- fitr, Eid-ul azha, Shab-e- barat, Holy month of Ramadhan and Eid- un Miladun Nabi. Key Facility: People enjoy a lot of facilities in my village. There are a primary school, two high school, a post-office and an good play ground. The office of our village Panchayathas been located just a walk in distance from my village. The local market sits twice a week. There are a govt. hospital& many private is located on walk in distance. Union bank is serving us in the name of banking. Conclusion My village is the prettiest and the loveliest. No one can challange us in the name of good atmosphare. It is rapidally improving. I would like to describe about Mr. Jahangir alam (G.S RJD- saran/ Ex- DDO). He is so famous personality in the saran district. He is doing his best to improve the condition of my village.

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